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Press Release

15.10.2009 Wal-Mart impresses the organic community at Anuga
Wal-Mart Mexico impressed the organic community at Anuga with the very dedicated presentation of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities including village initiatives in poor areas.
Press Release · PDF 480KB
  Brio Italy - Organic Fruit & Vegetables · PDF 468KB
  Friland Denmark - Organic Meat · PDF 3.23MB
  Andechser Molkerei Scheitz Germany - Organic Dairy · PDF 589KB
  Alter Eco France, Organic Fair Trade · PDF 909KB
  Wal-Mart Mexico, CSR Multiple Retailer · PDF 909KB
  Sresta India, Organic Supply Chain and Retail · PDF 691KB
  Organic Integrity Network · PDF 338KB

15.10.2009 Organic-Match-Making a Potpourri Market at Anuga
A colourful diversity of companies presented its goods at the Organic Match-Making at Anuga...
Press Release · PDF 510KB
  Intro Overview Match Making · PDF 190KB
  Germany Diverse Companies · PDF 573KB
  Germany Saxony Gaea&Friends · PDF 390KB
  Denmark and Holland Small Specialists · PDF 551KB
  France, Georgia, India and Sri Lanka · PDF 283KB
  Germany Drinks and Snacks · PDF 720KB
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